Sunday, October 14, 2012

Riding Lessons

Emma has been riding horses now for a year.  Me and Riley thought we would get in on that.  As of today me and Riley have had 2 whole lessons.  I can now get off the horse by myself.  Thanks to Riley passing out on his horse. (he's fine).  We have even gotten up to trotting with our horses while Emma the more advanced rider is working on Cantering.  Morgan did have a dream recently about Emma carrying the Flag while riding a horse opening a show.

 And Yes I'm already texting and riding.  I had my phone with me so I took a couple of pictures on our last ride.  So some of them are blurry.

Ethan's Football Season

Ethan's Creekside JV football team 2012
Record 6-1
Here are some highlight pictures of the season. 
Ethan had 1 sack and several assisted tackles.

Oh My

Who knew teenagers would take up so much time  It's been very busy at our house.  Let me catch you up.  We moved to a new house July 2011.  The very next week after moving we had to out Stitch (our Dog) down.  It was not a fun move.  Everybody Started new schools and we were off to the races Ethan Started 9th grade and football, band,wrestling, and worked on his Eagle.  Riley started 6th grade and band.  Emma started kindergarten and Horse back riding.  Me and Bryan still worked and stayed busy get kids to all their activities.  My goal is to find the time to keep this journal up to date.....   Here's Hoping

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Blast December 26-31 2010

So while all of us were enjoying our new Christmas presents in our nice WARM homes...  Ethan, Ammon, Nephi and Lamar were at winter blast for the week.  When we signed them up for the scout camp who knew it would be in the 20's for almost every night.  After all this is Florida last time I checked.  They had a great time from what I hear.  I don't know if they would say other wise.  At the end of the week they did a "polar plunge" which at that point it made it out of the 50's for them.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Emma's Birthday

Emma turned 5 this year December 9 2005 ... She had the idea the when she turned 5 she was going to be able to help me alot more... BY DRIVING... She had fun the whole day. School had cupcakes for her.& She ate lunch with Nora & Morgan. She had dinner with Mema& Papa. Then she was able to go to build a bear. Sunday we had cake and ice cream with the rest of the family..  Here are the pictures...  I'll put video on later after I fix it...