Saturday, May 29, 2010

Comparing Toe Injuries

For those who have been around us lately know that are feet have been suffering.  On good Friday I decided to move a wall with my little toe.  The wall didn't move.....  

Ethan was helping me get dinner ready Sunday May 16 and if you ask him he was winning a knife fight.  But I need a new crock pot now since it got broken some how. 

Soleil® Spread the Sunshine House Party

We had another House Party!!!  Bic Soleil gave everybody Razors ear buds and sunglass cases.  We had alot of fun!!! 

Star Wars weekend

The boys LOVE Star Wars...  Disney is doing their Star Wars weekends and May 22 I took the boys down.  (after swim practice and 2 soccer games)  They had alot of fun and want to make it a yearly trip.  Ethan decided to spend some money on his new "backpack".  Now he wants a Chewbacca costume so he can put Yoda on back.  The only disappointing time of the day was Riley really wanted to get 'Caption Rex's" autograph...  well you had to get a ticket that they handed out starting at 8:45 and they were all out by 8:58.  We didn't even head down until 12:30.  Oh well...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Band Concert of the School Year

Ethan's final concert of the year was GREAT.  The band director Mr Rankin had a non transitional concert which means they didn't stop to change band.  He did the performance in the gym so while one band was playing on one end the other end was setting up.  Ethan was able to play his favorite song Pirates of the Caribbean.  At the end Mr Rankin had the entire band beginning to advance play together.  That is the panoramic picture.  Ethan said you can't see all the people because there are people in the way.  Oh well I did the best I could.

Disney with the WHOLE Family

Saturday we went to Disney with the whole family.  It was fun to tell the worker that there was 20 in my group.  It ended up being a really good day.  The weather was in the low 90's and the lines were in the low 30  minutes.  It has been almost 4 years since we have all went together.  Here are some of the few pictures we took.  We were have to much fun to take pictures.  Oh we got Riley and Ethan to ride Space Mountain,  YEAH!!!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update on Emma and Soccer

To look at these pictures you wouldn't think Emma was playing.  She is improving with every game.  She still needs a LOT of coaching to get out and stay out.  She gets tired easily like watching the ball.  She will chase the ball but not sure if she wants to kick the ball yet.  She does love playing the sweeper as you can see in the photos.  How many goalies can bend over that far or sit while the rest of the team plays.  It sure if fun to watch.

Blue and Gold

Tonight was the Blue and Gold at Church for Riley's cub scouts.  Probably the last one Riley will do since he will turn 11 before the next one.  He had a lot of fun even sang a solo.  They treated them like REAL  Celebrities.