Sunday, June 22, 2008

3rd Swim meet

Sorry no pictures or video for the swim meet I had to work. I was timing and had a hard time trying to cherry the boys on while the kid in my lane. Here are the results...
Saturday June 21, 2008
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Boys 7-8 25 yard backstroke
Riley placed 10th out of 12 time 42.84
Boys 11-12 50 yard backstroke
Ethan placed 7th out of 9 time 1:19.97
Boys 8 & under 25 yard breaststroke
Riley placed 12th out of 15 time 1:08.12
Boys 11-12 50 yard breaststroke
Ethan placed 7th out of 10 time 1:38.84
Boys 7-8 25 yard freestyle
Riley placed 14th out of 15 time 47.28
Boys 11-12 50 yard freestyle
Ethan placed 7thout of 9 time 56.66
Boys 7-8 100 yard freestyle relay
Riley’s team was 4th out of 4 time 2:39.01

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Hand Sisters Come to Town

All of Bryan's sisters came to town for vacation. It was fun to visit with everybody and get to know each other again. This was also the week Billie turned 60. Gordon and Billie want pictures of their kids so here they are in all their glory......
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Taking all these pictures was fun and it gave everybody a chance to realize
I was in control
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

2nd Swim meet

Here are some pictures from today's swim meet. I'm very proud of the boys. Riley had two NEW events the butterfly and the breaststroke. He will get better with the practice but he didn't give up!!!! Yeah Riley!!! Ethan had two new events this time also the Breaststroke and the medley rely
Boy’s 11-12 200 yard medley relay
Ethan’s team 4th out of 4 time 3:48.59

Boys’ 8 & under 25 yard butterfly
Riley placed 7th out of 8 time 51.28
Boys 8 & under 25 yard breaststroke
Riley placed 15th out of 16 time 59.31

Boys 11-12 50 yard breaststroke
Ethan placed 10th out of 15 time 1:21.81
Boy’s 7-8 25 yard free style
Riley placed 16th out of 19 time 41.09
Boy’s 11-12 50 yard free style
Ethan placed 8th out of 12 time 57.53
11-12 200 yard freestyle relay
Ethan’s team 3rd out of 5 time 3:12.01


Saturday, June 7, 2008

FIRST Swim Meet Ever

Today was the First Swim Meet for the Boys. I'm very proud of them for sticking with this because it isn't easy. (it's going to get worst since practice will be 7 am when school gets out)..


He was in four events

100 yard Medley Relay Riley’s team placed 5th out of 5 time 2:30.38

25 yard back Riley placed 22 out of 36 time 36.73

25 free Riley placed 32 out of 36 time 37.49

100 free relay Riley’s time place 4th out of 4 time 2:15.34


He was in three events

50 yard Back Ethan placed 8th 10 time 1:05.66

(10 whole seconds off previous time)

50 free Ethan placed 11 out of 12 time 55.56

200 free relay Ethan’s team placed 3rd out of 3 time 3:10.32


Here's the link to the HAMMERHEADS website

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Universal Studios

Today was the 5th grade trip to Universal Studios. Oh what FUN!!! We did almost everything you can do in the short time we were there (10:00 - 4:00) possible. Here we are at the start of the Day
Ethan and his friend George

Ethan just goofing off

Ethan really enjoyed himself. He also LOVED the fact he was picked out of the crowd to have a part in a "movie"

Here we are at the end of day.