Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ethan did it!!!

I know everybody has been waiting for this day for almost 3 years. November 24 2009. I have always said its just hair but it was sad to see it go..... He was able to donate his hair and that is something he was working toward. Ethan sometimes feels like his hair is just pulled back in a pony tail. Now the challenge comes with learning how to take care of short hair.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Emma has been finding was to entertain herself at the soccer and football games. Yes she is in Ethan's Stinky gear bag.(we make him keep it in the garage). She loves to take picture so you can see me at the games also....


Ethan has finished another year of football... I think he finally got the game... The last two games he actually started tackling and now he can't wait to play again.... As of right now there will not be a league for him to play in Being 13 5'11" 160 lbs isn't all that fun when your too BIG...


Riley has finished another Season of soccer... I think his team won every game...YEAH!!! Riley has grown as a soccer player and now will play all the positions not just defense