Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bryan's 40th BIRTHDAY

BRYAN TURNED the B-I-G 40 Aug 21. and not to change how we celebrate (Aaron) we went to DISNEY....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shelly and Ethan's Birthdays

For are Birthday's this year we get to go to Disney and spend Disney money....YEAH!!!! We

spent 4 days down there for mine and Ethan's Birthdays. We had a lot of fun. Not enough time to

just sit back and relax but a lot of FUN.. We stayed at the Camp Wilderness Cabins and there

was enough stuff to do there you wouldn't need to leave. We did a carriage ride one night and

saw lots of deer on it. We ate at lots of nice places and really tried make the most of each

situation. We ate with Cinderella and her step sister, step mother and Prince Charming. The

sisters found out Ethan was turning 13 and wanted to marry him that was fun for us and Ethan

was a good sport about it. We also ate with Minne, Goofy and Donald for Breakfast. We rode lots

of rides and i video us going down the BIG drop of Splash Mountain. That was fun... ALL the

BOYS got haircuts at eh main street barber. It truly was FUN. We even got to eat at a special

place at the Columbia House over by the Hunted Mansion just because it was my Birthday. We

will be back for Bryan's 40th Birthday in a couple of Weeks....