Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Emma's Surgery

Here is Emma getting ready for the big event. She was the happiest two year old they have seen. That is until after the surgery.......
After the surgery..... NOT SO HAPPY
As of today I think her hearing is getting better. We have an appointment later to test it. I'll keep you posted.


mom and pops grover said...

Disneyland was great! I hope Emma is doing better. How is she doing with her hearing? We love you guys...the Blog looks great! You're computer savvy! You'll figure it all out!
Love you!

reneajax said...


You go, Girl!!!! It looks great!!!

I need you to come show me how to do this. It's cool.

How come there are no photos of you and Bryan? Come on now, I have good ones. :)

Nice job!!!!

Love, Renea