Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ethan Hard at work

Ethan wants to find a summer job of mowing lawns. So first step buy a lawn mower. check. Buy a weed eater. check. Buy a edger. check. Try to teach a boy to mow the lawn... Well you can see how that is going.

Ethan is so excited to do this. I did explain he needs more practice before he can start to make money. So he has been mowing neighbors yards just to mow.


mom and pops grover said...

Isn't blogging fun! You need to get the rest of your family on board!
Love you!

Pam, Rick, and Amy said...

Way to go ethan. You can do it. Keep up the good work.


Papa&Mema said...

I think we enjoy Shelly's commentary almost as much as the pictures. Way to go Hands.