Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Streak is broken

Sunday night after spending 2 1/2 hours at a cub scout meeting at church I decided to have a "parking issue". Coming home from mom's house I was drive down 13. When while talking to Bryan he heard me say "Oh Crap" then the phone cut off. I apparently hit the lip of the road where they are doing construction and over corrected. We fished tailed for awhile before landing in the ditch across the road. THANK GOODNESS there were no cars driving North on 13 and they just dug the ditch. The police officer said since there was no damage to my car or any property there was no wreck. I just had a problem parking my car. I have on star and they were great help. So wanted to stay on the line with me until somebody got there. I had to tell that Riley and Emma couldn't hear their movie so since nobody was hurt I needed to make them happy while we waited. Here are some picture. They are very dark but the hood of my car is buried in the ditch and we actually straddled the ditch so it was a jump to get out.
The last time I had caused a wreck was in high school 15 years ago.....

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