Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swim season is over and the Boys are HAPPY

This weekend was very busy for the boys. They had their championship swim meet on

Saturday. I didn't think they would make it getting up at 5:00am to drive over an hour to the

meet. But they did and did GREAT. Ethan placed 9th in breast and 11th in back strokes and

23rd in free style. Riley's big accomplishment was knocking 28 seconds off his breast stroke and

not getting DQ. YEAH!! His results were 30th in Back 23rd in breast and 46th in free. Today

was their award banquet and Riley got most improved swimmer in his age for the 28 seconds he

shaved off his breast stroke. Ethan got most improved for getting a better time EVERY time he

got in the water. Everybody has watched Ethan grow a a swimmer. All I have to say is watch out

Micheal Phelps.

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Tami said...

That is great. Swimming is a tough sport. Looks like they worked hard.