Monday, June 7, 2010

Soccer is over and swimming has begun

Soccer season has ended and we had to do ALOT of bribing to get Emma in the game.  She did LOVE the tunnel after the game and wouldn't miss the chance to run through it.  Emma LOVED her coach well as long as she would stand next to her on the field.

Riley finished his soccer season on the same day swim meets started...  He played a game at 8:30 am then ran over to the swim meet that started at 7:00 am.  What a busy day for him.  His soccer coach wasn't the easiest this year.  His goal was to get the kids more competitive;  which meant Riley got to run laps during games since he liked to play with whom ever was sitting next to him.  He was able to get Riley to break out of just playing defense.

Ethan and Riley are on their 3rd season of summer swim league.  At the first meet both boys improved every time for EVERY Stroke Riley's free style got better by 6 seconds.  Ethan improved his breast stroke by 3.5 seconds his back by almost 5 seconds and his free by almost 1.  Both the boys also raced on relay teams and did well.  There is fewer meets this year then years past so it will be interesting to see how well they will improve.

On a side note...  I learned an important lesson from Ethan on Saturday also.  Ethan is really growing up.  He is not the fastest swimmer on the team but fast enough to be put on a relay.  Several of the boys on the relay team were not happy Ethan was on the team and let him know that.  I don't know if Ethan knows I that I saw this since I was on the other side of the pool; but I saw how they were giving him a hard time.  It really hurt my feelings.  Ethan had to tell me it didn't matter and he was OK.  What a lesson to learn "let it go"  I can't do that if you know me.  We got the results of the swim meet and the boys making fun of Ethan did swim faster then him but by less the 8 seconds.  Again Ethan reminded me It's OK.  Heck I couldn't swim 50 yards in 36 seconds.

I'm very proud of my kids.  Sorry no pictures this time forgot camera.

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