Sunday, October 17, 2010


Riley has been reading the series of books "The Kingdom Keepers" which is based on Disney World.  In the 3rd book there is a scavenger hunt that takes place in Epcot.  Since there were no sports on Saturday and Austins birthday was coming up Me, Mom, Dad, Austin, Riley and Emma went.  The weather was perfect.  The crowd was OK unless you went to the countries then is was not so good it was Epcot's wine festival.  So we did little in the countries.  They sure did have some fun.  Riley was able to find everything he was looking for.  Unfortunately the day didn't end as well as it started.  Ethan had scouts and youth activities back home and ended up needing to go to the ER and Dad started not to feel well.  (Ethan is fine.)  So after we ate dinner we made it home in less then 2 hours.

Emma and Grandpa and Grandma were playing Emma's favorite game the great piggy bank race.  They choose to save for her college and from the looks of there game Emma better start her modeling career now she won't be going to school.....

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